Santa Barbara Revolution Youth Soccer League (SBRYSL)


  1. Registration: The following items must be presented and verified at registration for all the teams and players prior to their participation in the tournament.
  • >Tournament roste signed by coach or manager.
  • >SBRYSL ID’s with picture for all players and coaches.
  • >SBRYSL will accept only current ID cards provided by the league.
  • >Medical release form for all players signed by parent and player.
  • >Copy of birth certificate must be available for SBRYSL staff to review at any time.
  1. Age and Eligibility: Laminated player registration cards only authorized by SBRYSL will be required as proof of age. When in doubt, a valid birth certificate may be requested. Player ID cards and rosters must be presented at the field for the duration of the game. Participation of SBRYSL is open to accept teams composed of Twenty (20) or fewer players meeting the age limit of the specified age division.
  • >Team U-10 through U-12 may register up to 20 players
  • >Team U-07 through U-08 may register up to 15 players
  1. Fields and Game Equipment

>Players including the goal keeper must wear numbers on the back of their uniform, and these numbers will concede with those listed on their team’s official roster.

>Players are required to wear shinguards during the game, no jewelry may be worn.

>When uniform color are the similar, the home team will have to change colors. Home team has the choice of sideline and no two teams will play from the same side of the field unless it’s required by the venue. Teams and spectators should be on the opposite sidelines unless stands of other seating is available.

>Home team is listed first on the schedule.

  1. Duration of the Games:
  • U12 and U11 size ball 4, Duration of game 30 minutes on each half
  • U10 and U09 size ball 4, Duration of game 25 minutes on each half
  • U08 and U07 size ball 3, Duration of game 25 minutes on each half

>All games U07 and above will be played with a running clock and a 5 minute half time. A preliminary game can end in a tie.

>Semi/Quater-final tie games will be decided with penalty kicks with no overtime. Penalty Kicks shall be taken in accordance with the FiFA LAW 16 kicks from the penalty mark. Penalty kicks will determine the winner, The referee may stop the clock for serious injuries. If it’s an extended delay (more then half of the game) the game may be finished at a later time or different field per the tournament director’s decision.

  1. Game Check in:

>Teams must check in on time to start of every game. Failure to do so can result in forfeit. Referee will check players identity cards and players equipment prior to each game. Coaches need to pick up identity cards at the end of each game, (excluding ejected players/administrators cards). The game card and any ejected player card will be given to the file marshal and available for pick up at the office.

>Failure to have (7) players within 5 minutes of the scheduled game time constitutes of forfeit. A small-sided team must have a minimum of five (5) players to start or continue a game.

>Each team must provide 2 game balls.

>Each team is responsible for cleaning up trash on field areas after each game ($25 fine)

  1. Substitutions: Shall be unlimited. Players must enter from the center of the field. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee.
  1. Competition Format: The following points systems will be awarded in the preliminary games.
  • >Three (3) pints for each win
  • >One (1) point for each tie
  • >Zero (0) points for each loss
  • >Forfeit equals 3 points.
  1. Conduct of Player, Coach or team, points, standings:

>A player or coach given a red card in a game should be expelled from that game. The player shall not be replace in that game and shall not be permitted to play in the next game, as a minimum. The tournament director may give a further suspension for violent conduct.

>Failure to begin a match, complete a match or a team leaving the field of play shall result in a forfeit. The winner will be award three tournament points.

>If team are tied after preliminary games, the following tie-breaking system will be used to determine the finalist.

>Head to head competition between the two teams tied.

>Goals allowed (Fewest goals against)

>Goal scored.

>Only the players on the field at the end of regulations are eligible to participate in the penalty kicks.

>The referee shall decide the goal at which all the kicks shall be taken. the team winning the going toss shall kick first.

>No player may shoot more than once until all eligible teammates have taken a kick, each team takes (5) shots, alternately.

>The team scoring the most goals wins.

>In the even of a tie among three (3) or more teams, the elimination procedure begins with #1, note above.

  1. Payoff Round: For all competitive division, only top form teams will advance to semifinals. First will play fourth and second will play third. The semifinal winners will meet for the final.
  1. Conduct and Discipline:

>Coaches have a total responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench and spectators at all times.

>If referee must terminate a game for misconduct of players, bench or spectators the offending team will forfeit the game. at the tournament director’s discretion the offending player and/or team may be banned from further participation.

>Alcoholic beverages are NOT permuted at game sites. NO Smoking, No Foul and abusive language. A fine of forty-five ($45)


Unless notification to tournament directors is made by Wednesday 5pm a team that does not show up for a scheduled game will be fined $100.00 to the league plus referee fees. The team will also forfeit the game. No Games will be reprogrammed.

All fines are due in before the next game, Delinquent clubs/Teams will not be allowed to participate in the next games.

In case of rain, we will revert to the rain schedule.

Regardless of weather conditions, coaches, players, and their teams must appear on the field of play as scheduled, ready to play unless notified by a member of the tournament. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the referee or the league director may cancel a match due to weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather the tournament staff has the authority to reschedule matches. Closure of fields and cancellation of games due to rain will be published on the website.

Temas with scheduling conflicts will need to notify the league director by either blacking out their dates on the SBRYSL website of emailing them to the scheduler prior to the completion of the schedule. The scheduler will make all attempts to accommodate all conflicts prior to scheduling, however there are no guarantees.

No refunds will be made after registration deadline.

Contact league president Oscar Garcia at