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By Chase Sagum on November 12, 2012

20 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Help Turn the U.S. Economy Around

1. Make more profits: no not because this results in paying more taxes. More taxes will not help turn this economy around. You making more money as an Entrepreneur means the being an entrepreneur works. More will follow your example because of this. 2. Hire more employees: don’t do what State and Federal governments do… […]

By Chase Sagum on October 27, 2012

Small Business Motivation: Jerry Jones [video]

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a great example of American courage and entrepreneurial achievement. Most people just know of him as a the rich owner of the Dallas Cowboys who micro-manages his team and spends the most money for players. But there’s much more to Jerry Jones as the video above shows you. A few lessons […]

By Chase Sagum on October 26, 2012

2012 Election Best and Worst-Case Scenarios

I know you’ve spent some time on CNN recently playing with the 2012 Electoral Map. It’s almost as fun as the ESPN Trade Machine. Almost. Well I have and I have some realistic scenarios for you on how this Election could turn out. I like you have been following this election closely, reading the results […]

By Chase Sagum on October 8, 2012

The Truth Behind Unemployment In the U.S. Liberals Don’t Want You To Know

I’m going to warn you… what you are about to read will most likely anger you. Unless of course you are a left-leaning socialist who enjoys seeing the United States go bankrupt and unemployed. Otherwise, brace yourself. What I am about to show you are the official unemployment rates from 2005 (pre-Obama era) through 2011 […]

By Chase Sagum on September 28, 2012

Romney vs. Obama: Ask Yourself These 10 Critical Questions

When choosing to vote for a President there are many things to consider. Tax policy, healthcare, foreign policy the list goes on. But what about the pure economics? That’s what this blog is about after all, restoring america through small business and entrepreneurship. So I want to present to you 10 critical questions you must ask yourself before choosing whom […]